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French Apple Pie

A delicious handmade French apple pie, with seasonings of cinnamon, nutmeg, and special spices that blend with delicious tart apple and decorated with handmade apple pie leaves for a top crust.

Meyer Lemon Merengue Pie


Made from the sweet Meyer lemons, this lemon merengue pie is a perfect marriage of classic tart flavors, with the elegance of lightly toasted vanilla merengue.

Chocolate Persimmon Tart (November-January)

A tart that combines the rich depth of Fuyu Persimmons sliced on top with the creamy texture of silky custard. Sitting at the bottom is a dark and bold chocolate layer of filling that closes the experience of this tart. 

White Peach and Blueberry Starry Night Pie


This delcious pie is baked with ripe organic white peaches and blueberries grown in our own private gardens and baked into a layer of pie crust that is adorned with delcious flaky shapes of dragonflies and stars meant to recreate a summer night sky.

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